A lots of new features - TOP RACE MANAGER


A lots of new features

Hey manager,

Not two years has passed since the release of Top Race Manager and already there are more than 100,000 faithful who have fun with us!

F1 fans, mixed with managerial, online games, etc..it’s for everyone!

Taken from the unstoppable desire to give space to your imagination and make the gaming experience as rewarding as possible, we just released the latest update with a lots of new features:

– new figure that you can buy

-improve game engine

-resolved the problems with viewing the video for your daily ticket.

And now for the most interesting new feature that we have to discuss. Let’s talk about these enigmatic characters that moves around the paddock :-).

Your team is now divided into department:

-Management (Director General, Technical Director)

– Engine Department (Foreman, 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer)

– Electronics & Mechanics Department (Head of Department, 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer)

–  Chassis Department (department head, 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer)

– Tires Department (Department Head, 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer)

– Track Department (Department Head, 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer)

– Department of Marketing (Marketing Manager, Psychologist)


In a brief description of the various roles:

General Manager: sends back the team coordinating the work of the whole team.

Technical Director: mainly he deals with the technical side, so will be the glue between the driver and all the engineers of various departments.

Department Heads: coordinates and manages the work of his department. He has 2 engineers available, which will follow his orders.

Marketing Manager: the higher the value, the increase receipts resulting from the museum.

Psychologist: It keeps up the morale of the team and helps engineers from different countries to integrate better.


And now we see the most interesting part … Read carefully because this is invaluable advice .. !!!

Firstly try to have the staff of the same nationality, in this way it will be easier to get along and communicate with each other properly. If you really cannot give contracts to the same country at least try to do it for every single department, so with a good psychologist they’ll able to achieve the same good results.

Needless to say, to have the most competent leadership possible is essential. You could have the best engineers in the world, but if they run wild it will be hard to win the championship!

As for the Department Heads and Engineers attention to individual values, the department head should have a value of intelligence than his engineer.. otherwise will be treated as an idiot by his employees with disastrous consequences for the performance of the car!

Also hire the 1st and 2nd Engineers with the same values ​​of ambition and professionalism, creating a cohesive and efficient team work.

Finally try to keep the averages of each department at the same level. This will exploit the full potential of technology and knowledge …


That’s all for now dear Managers, treasure this advice aaaaand…. Good world championship everyone!