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    Here you can ask and discuss everything about race in Top Race Manager.



    good evening,
    the showed time 19.00 for the race, what’s the time zone reference?



    We are fixing this bug, probably next week will be ok 😉



    ok 🙂 thank you



    Good evening, I’ve a question about tyres and weather relation…today during the Australian GP the weather was full wet 100%, I was the only one using wet tyres, 4° in qualifying….but I finished 3rd after cars using soft and medium tyres, can I know why? my team is markgp, you can check



    Hi Mark,
    There are many variables to consider:
    – power of the engines opponents;
    – The skill of the pilots;
    – Level engineers;
    Remember one important thing, when you choose type of tires before the race, in case of climate change, engineers will change your strategy, which will be more or less efficient according to their level 😉



    Would be nice to know more info about the tracks, like the time/length of the pit-stop lane (just more than 2 races: American and Spanish GP) and the tear wear’s level.

    This info will help to choose about doing 1, 2 or 3 stops during the race and what kind of tears use…




    Thanks Farkey for your advice, it’s a good idea!



    Hi, I’ve also as Marco has had, had a wet race with a similar game fault.

    For the British GP, I qualified first by 1.5seconds in dry conditions on soft tyres.
    The race was 100% wet so I chose wets as did two other teams, we came 1st to 3rd as would be expected.
    However 4th and fastest lap was set by a team using a hard tyre who were 30secs behind 1st at the finish, and the rest were on medium tyres.

    This is should just not be possible.

    Because, Without tread to clear water from under the tyre the slick (hard / medium / soft) tyre will ride on top of the water ( aquaplane ) and so have zero contact with the tarmac, and so no grip.
    So in relation to your previous reply, the power of the engine is irrelevant with no grip there is no traction and all the power results in wheel spin.
    The skill of the driver is negated as without grip the driver has no control.
    And as for the team engineers putting wet tyre on for a wet race is a no brainer, ask a 5 year old. Watch a race! see how quickly drivers either come in for wets or slide off the track.
    All the teams should have been on wets in my British GP irrelevant of the users choice, as it is a team choice, it is decision which would of been made by the tyre engineer, driver and team principle who would in reality have chosen wets. A bad team might have taken a lap or two to decide but is all.
    Wet races also equalise the cars allowing the good drivers to achieve better results in poor cars.ie:Senna Monaco 1984 and Donnington 1993.
    title=”Driving on slicks in the wet.”>http://bleacherreport.com/articles/77336-driving-in-the-wet-on-slicks-a-drivers-viewpoint-reality



    Hello friends, i’ve got a little doubt

    When the weather is clear is different than when it’s cloudy? I mean, the tyres last longer or less or is the same?



    We can just tell you that in this way the temperature of the asphalt can change… so the choice between soft / medium / hard!




    -the 3rd race of this season is over and three times in a row my car couldn’t finish the race! I was allways in top position, this is not very amusing!
    There is no evidence why my team have these problems! Last season my team finished all races without any problems!
    Is ‘acc’ or ‘out’ a random event?
    Dosn’t make fun anymore!

    – (last season) if i start a race with the wrong tires, my car stops in the first round for changing tires. I’m loosing time for the extra stop (ok) but it continues the race with the same wrong tires!

    btw there are wrong push notifications and many translations dosn’t make sense (german).
    The balancing with the ingame money and the prices is not really nice.



    Hello SirCadogang, if the car had problems and didn’t finish the race is pure chance. About changing tires, this is ok but in graphics is not seen.



    Can anyone explain me the wheather informastion befor the race?
    When there is the sun, it means there will be dry conditions, but what means for example 76%?



    Hi Max, it means that there is a 76% probability that there is the sun, then dry.

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