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    Is it possible to reflect what the weather is in the area of the race the day when the race is there? I would like to suggest that if possible.



    Hi Racer1, it’s right certain parts of the track were slower or faster.



    Heres a suggestion…
    Most ppl moan that they don’t get enough qualifying laps and so my idea is this …
    1.Only pro teams get the extra
    2.every calender season every pro team gets 3 laps or even 1 or 2 at every circuit and and test track as part of the pro package so they’re doing testing and actually feel like your getting something for the money you have paid to go pro bcus lets face it just being able to change your team name and the qually setup bit isn’t enough of an incentive…and i have 2 pro teams however i think the ticket price is a lot of money and if your like me on a tight budget i won’t ever spend 10 tickets to go around a track.
    And trm you probably know yourself on how many ppl actually do the private testing .
    But tbh i think if this was added as part of the pro package you would have more pro players which equals more income which equals better development….



    I like the idea it sounds like a good way to generate fans and profits for the game to be able to develop more



    For a simulation game, there’s not enough simulating features:

    It would be fine if the race could be speeded up, with in-race changing weather and add a live-control (like as real) for tyres strategy, driver’s attitude (soft or agressive).

    It would increase the chance of every manager to win, depending of their changes because actually, if you’re watching the race (you’re very patient), you are stuck un case of wrong settings or in-race évent.



    i dont know someone has post this ideas before
    My ideas r implent
    -some seasonal Missions to get some extra Tickets
    -some rewards when u upgrade the car/autodrome /reach next Lvl and finish a season under top15
    -tickets for finishing a season under top3 maybe top5
    -More tv and sponsor contracts not only money or tickets, maybe 1 with 50/50 (tickets and money for a season) or some with more options.
    -some spots on car where i can place sponsor ads then it makes sense to create more small sponsors ( u see the sponsor places on pic maybe in this form) a job for marketingchef to find sponsors
    – Main sponsors with targets like finish season under top10, win 5 races and when finished the targets the player earns maybe a upgrade for car, money or tickets as reward
    -win and Losses should be generate + or – Fans
    – Museum can sale Merchandising for the fans (then the marketingchef makes more sense, better marketingchef+more fans = higher income)(to get money for marketing/psycologe options)
    – the marketingchef can make some marketing campaigns (for money) to generate more fans
    – win/loss should generate Moral -/+ (then psycologe make sense for me)
    – the psycologe can make some options (for money ) to increase moral of the complete team or single departments
    -A options to change my boxcrew 1: slow but no fails, 2: normal and 3: aggressive fast work but rnd mistakes can happen (like 5sec longer boxstop,wrong tire, to fast in boxlane)

    – A country filter in the market that shows me all employees from selected country
    – auctions on the market should not cost tikets only money( instantbuy with tickets) or make something to get more tickets, for complete team (5.0+) we need 20 tickets and 10mio $ + tickets and $ to upgrade car/autodrome for a new beginner is that the horror
    -Make the ticket prices for car/autodrome upgrades 50-60% cheaper
    – on the own racetack a options to drive more as 1 round, maybe1,5,10 rounds up to racelenght
    -Practicing on own racetrack or other should increase the stats from employees or driver (driving 20 rounds on racetrack gives 0.01 stats + on experience) and should be cheaper as 10 tickets, with this i drive only on my racetrack its to expensive 10 tickets for 10 rounds ….
    -Chat function to write with friends/player from current division

    -implent a 2nd car to manage and get money from races. fusions r useless when the other stops playing or does nothing, or implent option to cancel the fusion

    that some from my ideas for this game. some to get faster money and easier tickets for beginner and to bring more management in this game.
    atm is more a game where i go online 1 times per day for quali and race, and maybe to look 1-2 times on market to find some employees

    i hope some from this ideas :d r good and find the way in this game 😉



    It would be great if you can see some technicel informations of you car.
    Like the top-speed, accleration, weight etc.. And if you do updates of your car or motordrome you can see how this update makes your car better.
    Now there is only a short information, for example if you update the motor. Now you think you have a better motor, but you can not really see it for example on an information about you accleration (0-100mph).



    Hello I love your game even though played for 2 days. It’s amazing i have some suggestions if you like i hope. It would be awesome if you open the market for wheels and engine and ect which every player have produced i would love to see how far the gamers gone in some fields. So i can buy some new models created by my factories

    And it would be awesome to chat with other players



    Dear , about the training , I suggest changes that would make the game more realistic .

    Are entered two more training sessions free with 5 laps each .
    Maintained the qualifying session with three laps.

    About package prices and maintenance of the game.

    That title sponsorship is larger car image and logos of sponsors are available (real ) that teams would accept contact and put in cars. Availing the same for helmets and clothing pilots. Solving so part or all of the procedure (real) to raise funds for the game.
    Thus being able to lower the prices of packages being relatively expensive , prevents insentivo share of free players .




    Greetings to all,
    The issues addressed in my post may have already been mentioned in the forum, because my English is little, so I wonder if more members agree with me and if so we can start a movement to convince the TopRace to change to improve the disputes at the races.



    Store the fastest car setup after a qualifying lap and automatically apply that to the race automatically. Also, store the fastest setups somewhere.



    You nedd a new more appealing layout



    Vocês poderiam dar prêmios aos três melhores de cada corrida,como por exemplo tickets assim dando oportunidade a melhorar os carros!



    pls game need some comunication.add chat in game,or private messages.



    First of all, thaks to the TRM team, the game is quite good and quite realistic. There’s plenty of personnel to chose and to manage, many options on the car and players can pay for tests in circuits. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ve done two races and I’m pretty happy with the game. But there are two things I’d like to suggest.

    First: It’d be nice to have options to change when the race is going: pit strategy, tyre type, wings and all the set up selected previously. Then, if you do an unapropriate choice at the begining you have to carry the consecuences till the end of the race. Makes no sense. I’m not the first to say this, and it’s an important thing. I’ve lost a race due to the fact I couldn’t change neither the tyres nor the strategy.

    Second: It’ll be good to have information about weather during the race. Does a rainy race have rain all the time or it can change?

    Thank you for your attention.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Yours sincerelly.

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