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    Can you do it so that when you apply an upgrade it tells you how much efficient a part is or how much horse power extra it gives you. Also for the tyres it’s hard to tell how long they last in each track could you do some thing to make it easier to know so pit stop strategies can be done with more ease.



    I think it will be a great addition if you could change tyres mid-race. For example, you can start on soft tyres. Based on how skilled your driver is and the approach you commanded him, he might stretch it further so you can finish on medium ones. That would change a lot the terms of strategy and it will make you follow the race during the time it unfolds. Now, it’s very easy for anyone to choose the selected set-up, go on hard tyres, do one stop and no intervene during the race at all. The results seem mechanical and there is no human influence at all.

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