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    I am really angry and really disappointed by the results of the Australian GP in my group (LV1.43401).

    I was starting the race from the pole position. I had rain tyres as the forecast was light rain with 100% accuracy. I set my drive style at “reckless” so I could take advantage of my pole and could overtake easier after pit stops. By now it’s all ok.

    Race starts and I do some fastest laps. But suddenly I spin. I lose 3 seconds and 7 positions. After two pitstops I’m stuck at the 14th position, unable to overtake a car with Medium tyres that had qualified 19th. I was wearing the Rain ones. And being “reckless”. That’s impossible to understand.

    And, to fill the jar: Sokolowitz places second with HARD tyres in a wet track and only one pitstop. Hard tyres have the worst performance in a wet track. Those are the ones with less grip of all the available. He should have heavy difficulties to keep his car on track. But he places second. And does have NOT gone offtrack or had any single problem in the whole 58 laps. That’s effin’ unbelievable.

    Are you effin’ kidding me?
    1) What kind of reckless driving style is that that is unable to overtake a car that has to be slower?
    2) How come a car with hard slick tyres place second on a rainy race?

    I understand that scoring the pole is not warranty of winning a race -heck! I’ve been watching races and playing race games since I was a kid, I know what to expect- but finishing 14th given the setup and the conditions is really disappointing and not realistic. I could just make some overtakes due to others making mistakes.

    I’m very, very disappointed.



    If you put the risk of reckless out there often track at every turn.
    Then others do not see it but if it rains and you have the wrong tires are mounted automatically wet ones to rest.

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