Dear Managers
The game is getting harder and harder, and maybe it’s becoming more than just a “game”…
We have recently made giant leaps forward , and today we’re going to give you some tips about the last Top Race Manager update.

Here are some tips, hoping they’ll be usefull!!!

CHARISMA: Having a GD with high CHARISMA will help to keep the team unite even if the season is not going well…

COMMUNICATION: if your staff is composed by people from different countries, having an high Communication rating will help to ease the cultural differences between your crew members.

LEADERSHIP: always try to have a GD with higher Leadership rating than TD’s one, otherwise there’s a high risk of splitting the box creating a lot of tension between the crew members.

ORGANIZATION: in this case having the same value in GD and TD will give you enormous advantage.. is there anything better than sharing same ideas in the team?

DETERMINATION: keeping focused is the key to achieve your season targets… having an high Determination value surely gives you a surplus value.

DIPLOMACY: the higher the rating, the lower the number of rivals at auction. Is it clear enough?

EXPERIENCE: if the TD is highly experienced, he’ll pass it to the engineers, who will add it to their’s, to avoid technical problems such as  pitstop errors, failure and others.

INNOVATION: the higher the TD’s Innovation value, the higher the benefit given to the parts of the car.

COMPETENCE: try to keep this value the same between TD and other members. If the gap is too big you might experience some moral issues, increasing risk of pitstop problems or failures during the race.

INTELLIGENCE: having not-so-clever engineers means not to completely take advantage of your car’s strength, and even losing bonuses obtained by improving your facilities. In other words: worse performance.

SETUP: reduces the chance of failures in the engineer’s field. The higher the value, the fewer failures.

POTENTIAL: with an high Potential rating the engineer will be able to obtain the best from his field, and if you have a 7 helmet rating here your employee will give you even better performances. ( If your frame supervisor has 7 helmets in Potential, and you got a lvl15 frame, you’ll have a nearly lvl16 performance)

Having said that, all we can do is take to the track. Hear you soon for other news/innovation and a good luck to you all for your season!